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Book Review

The Renaissance

by Geraldine Richards

Pick up this book if you want to see beyond a worshipping view of the historical period that shaped the modern world with all its glories and horrors. "The Renaissance", with nineteen essays plus photo explorations, changes the... Read More

Book Review

Myths of Love

by Jason Henninger

Love, sex, and the minotaur meet in a fascinating collection of essays. In what ways do the themes of classical mythology and folklore inform people, both in the modern world and antiquity, of the nature of love and sex? What began as a... Read More

Book Review

You Are Here

by Patty Comeau

Essays argue for good Canadian poetry, rather than poetry written for ideological or nationalist purposes. “The virtues of good critical reading,” writes James Pollock, are “openness, attentiveness, patience, critical... Read More

Book Review

In Pursuit of Spenser

by Edward Morris

Who could have guessed when academic Robert B. Parker introduced Boston private eye Spenser in The Godwulf Manuscript in 1974 that the entire landscape of American detective fiction would shift? Although Spenser (last name only, please)... Read More

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