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Divorce, Simply Stated

How to Achieve More, Worry Less, and Save Money in Your Divorce

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

This well-written and concise how-to on divorce is sprinkled with ample doses of humor.

Divorce attorney Larry Sarezky’s Divorce, Simply Stated is a primer for those who want to end, as he puts it, “a dysfunctional marriage with a functional divorce.” Written in a convivial tone and offering a plethora of useful information about the process, this is a how-to for dissolving a marriage.

The book covers the gamut, from choosing the right divorce lawyer to child support. More in-depth sections cover topics like preparing for the witness stand, arranging for same-sex divorce, and life after divorce. Frequently, the text takes into account the often deleterious effects of divorce on children.

Some of the book’s ten steps to a functional divorce will seem obvious to readers, such as obtaining professional advice and locating key documents. Still, this is material that may prove to be indispensable, including the fact that restraining orders are not always “physical” but may sometimes refer to the protection of financial assets. The book outlines principles of basic family law, different states’ divorce statutes, and key steps to follow if your goal is an uncontested hearing.

Humorous chapter titles and a sprinkling of pictures of the author’s dog, as well as cartoons drawn by his granddaughter, make this seem like advice from the kind of divorce lawyer anyone would want: funny, kind, laser-focused, nonjudgmental, and extremely informative.

This book’s measured mélange of pith and pathos also makes for charming, almost lighthearted reading: “Retainer: 1: Something your dentist puts in your mouth that makes you gag. 2: Something your lawyer puts in her wallet that makes you gag.” However, the text also offers serious advice, on topics such as limiting lawyer fees and understanding the minutiae of legal agreements, including details that many people new to legalese might miss.

Because the author has spent time on the divorce court “front lines,” his advice about taking advantage of tax breaks and other divorce “break-upportunities” is particularly enlightening. Advice on identifying hidden costs around property received in settlement and on discovering a spouse’s undisclosed income is useful.

The book stands out for its calm, deliberate, and winning tone, which feels both reassuring and nurturing. As stated in the introduction, there’s nothing funny about divorce, but there is a levity to this text that makes it easier to face its bleak subject matter.

Divorce, Simply Stated is a well-written and concise how-to for people going through divorce that is sprinkled with ample doses of humor.

Reviewed by Kelly Fordon

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