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Book Review

The Write Start

by Jennifer Fandel

Jennifer Hallissy’s "The Write Start" is an enthusiastic guide that empowers parents and those who work with children to help young learners develop great writing skills. A pediatric occupational therapist and mother, Hallissy explains... Read More

Book Review

The Author's Toolkit

by Kristine Morris

“For most of us who possess the soul of a writer, there are book ideas that call us, begging us to write them and bring them out of obscurity. I think it would be sad to reach the end of our days and realize with regret that we never... Read More

Book Review

The WOW Factor

by Joan Phelps

According to the Institute for Publishing Research about 195000 new titles were published in 2004—up from about 114000 in 1995. And while 70 percent of Americans haven’t visited a bookstore in five years the Jenkins Group reports... Read More

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