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Book Review

Slow Gardening

by Jennifer Fandel

Inspired by the Slow Food movement, which embraces home cooking as a way to celebrate local food and the traditions that surround it, garden writer Felder Rushing proposes a new approach to gardening. In his book "Slow Gardening",... Read More

Book Review

The Resilient Gardener

by Shoilee Khan

In "The Resilient Gardener", scientist and author Carol Deppe offers readers an inspiring approach to gardening. For many, gardening is a hobby—a source of solace and an experiment in self-sufficiency. Gardens are designed to offer up... Read More

Book Review


by Paige St. John

Culled from the pages of Traditional Woodworking magazine, and first released to a British audience, this series gives American craftsmen a broad range of projects to tackle, from simple to complex, all of them handsome. These new... Read More

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