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Book Review

Secrets of French Design

by Marlene Satter

Lush, sumptuous, elegant, and tasteful—these words are often used to describe the French influence on decorating. This author, in her seventh book, leaves behind the exclusive world of French tastes to add a new word to that... Read More

Book Review

Great Cathedrals

by Julie Dawson Govan

A photograph of the vivid octagonal ceiling of the Cathedral of Ely graces the cover of this imposing book. One notices first the colors, exploding outward from a central point: elaborate, even riotous, yet somehow contained by the... Read More

Book Review

Latin American Architecture

by Jill Blue Lin

In the 1940s and 1950s, Latin America embraced the avant-garde modern movement. In their desire to belong to the contemporary world, leaders in Latin America adopted European symptoms of modernity, especially in its architecture. Latin... Read More

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