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Fix This Next for Healthcare Providers

Your Business in like a Patient, You Just Have to Treat It That Way

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Aimed at providers with little to no formal business training, this is a useful step-by-step guide for finding and fixing issues with health care businesses.

Kasey Compton’s Fix This Next for Healthcare Providers is aimed at helping health care entrepreneurs better understand and operate their businesses.

Health care businesses, Compton argues, are just like the patients they serve: they have specific problems that can be diagnosed and treated. And, just like with patients, it is important to address the root causes, not just the symptoms, of each problem. To assist, Compton explains how health care entrepreneurs can figure out what ails their businesses and suggests possible solutions for improving profitability and efficiency.

No matter what—or how many—problems a business has, the Fix This Next system is designed to help business owners identify them and decide which ones to tackle first. With that aim, the book first discusses the system’s origins and how it works. This includes clarifying the difference between a business’s goals versus its purposes, showing how to recognize and identify different types of problems, and showing how to be flexible and creative in implementing solutions. Examples drawn from Compton’s experiences and those of her clients are used to demonstrate how her methods work in real-world scenarios. Each lesson builds on previous ones to create a clear, actionable system that can be used as many times as necessary. Charts and questionnaires further break down the book’s important concepts, while an online component expands on lessons taught in the book.

Compton addresses her audience in a lively, personable tone, assuring them that they have the necessary skills and drive to implement effective solutions. Rather than dictating solutions, the book teaches entrepreneurs to leverage their own strengths to solve problems with the sales, profits, and order within their healthcare businesses, though it also includes examples of possible solutions as a guide. Further, the text explains what to do after a solution has been proposed, emphasizing the importance of holding everyone accountable for the implementation and measurement of each solution. This results in a more complete, and therefore more useful, tool for business owners.

The book’s language is accessible to all, and its repetition of its key concepts makes its work easier to internalize. The Fix This Next system comes to seem flexible enough to accommodate a multitude of business models and problems, though the text acknowledges that no single book or system can serve as a panacea. Still, the text is an excellent starting point for those seeking business advice pertaining to the health care field, though its use of obsequious-sounding customer quotes somewhat undermines the credibility of its delivery.

Aimed at providers with little to no formal business training, Fix This Next for Healthcare Providers is a step-by-step guide for finding and fixing issues with health care businesses.

Reviewed by Eileen Gonzalez

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