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Book Review

Boys of the Beast

by Suzanne Kamata

Three very different cousins go on a life-changing road trip in Monica Zepeda’s young adult novel "Boys of the Beast". Oscar’s father died in a school shooting; his activist mother is often absent. Matt is home schooled, and aspires... Read More

Book Review

The Fury before the Fire

by Melissa Lance

The small town thriller "The Fury before the Fire" follows a woman who fights to keep the peace in her town and in her life. In Bill Percy’s fifth installment of the Monastery Valley series, "The Fury before the Fire", a deputy... Read More

Book Review

Scotland before the Bomb

by Ho Lin

"Scotland before the Bomb" is a linguistically acrobatic novel that’s filled with zany wit and sheer randomness. There’re heaping helpings of dystopia and absurdity in M. J. Nicholls’s "Scotland before the Bomb", a sprawling... Read More

Book Review

Gabriel’s Storm

by Mari Carlson

"Gabriel’s Storm" is a thoughtful coming-of-age story deftly set around a captivating crime plot. In Diego Hojraj’s "Gabriel’s Storm", a deadly revenge plot leads to deeper struggles for a gang of outsider teens. It’s 1983,... Read More

Book Review

Here, There, and All Over the Place

by Susan Waggoner

"Here, There, and All Over the Place" is a collection of day brighteners, motivators, and thoughts set in an appealing format. Johnny “JR” Remick’s "Here, There, and All Over the Place" collects over 150 aphorisms—those little... Read More

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