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The Big Damn Cookbook

Full of camp and character, Firefly: The Big Damn Cookbook will be a delight to any fan of this cult favorite. Featuring big, beautiful, glossy production stills mingling with appetite-arousing full-page food shots, this cookbook from Chelsea Monroe-Cassel will have readers itching to throw a big damn binge-watching party.

Fans will delight in straight-out-of-the-script dishes like Simon’s Chocolate Protein Cake, Book’s Fresh Tomato Slices, and Wash’s Wife Soup. Even more fun are the voices of the characters captured in the notes with each recipe, from Wash introducing his Goat Curry recipe with the declaration that the only way to prevent a goat from eating you is to eat it first to River stating that a dish is VERY PROBLEMATIC.

There’s admittedly something odd about a cookbook hailing from a semi-dystopian future, and frequent mentions of the rarity of fresh ingredients can be off-putting. This same joy in the delving into the Firefly universe, though, is part of what makes these dishes so innovative. Blending Southern and Chinese influences produces uniquely Firefly fusion cuisine like Mashed Sesame Spuds and the intriguing Gunpowder Gimlet made with green tea syrup.

Cooking ain’t all buttons and charts—like flying, it involves a lot of love—but this cookbook has plenty to help you keep on track. Recipes are clearly labelled by cooking time, course, dietary restrictions, and difficulty, and there are charts of recipes by course and dietary information included in the back. Whether you’re throwing together a quick dinner for two or a fancy Persephone-style, gluten-free, vegan extravaganza, with directions this clear, nothing in the ’verse can stop you.

Firefly: The Big Damn Cookbook is full of recipes ready to make you a big damn hero at any table. Written with an enthusiast’s eye for detail, this cookbook will bring joy to any fan’s kitchen and delight to any palate. Shiny.

Reviewed by Jessie Horness

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