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Cruise Ship Job In 14 Days

The Laser Strategy For Next Generation Applying

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

Business publications have recently reported extensively on the amazing resurgence of the cruise ship industry following the devastating attacks of 9/11. Much like the aviation industry which was also hit hard in the aftermath of the terrorist strikes business finally has rebounded to pre 9/11 levels. But that’s where the similarities end. The aviation industry is beset with layoffs cutbacks and talk of possible bankruptcies while the cruise ship business is undergoing smooth sailing on relatively tranquil seas with few if any clouds on the horizon.

Given the industry’s volume of business it shouldn’t surprise anyone that its hiring requirements and job possibilities are equally staggering. The well-paying jobs are there but how does a job-seeker get them? The author knows the answer and he shares the secrets.

The main thrust of the book is a useful “how to get hired” recap that transcends the cruise ship industry. The information provided in well-organized form is valuable to any job-seeker and especially so in the hospitality industry be it at Walt Disney World Cedar Point or the Ritz-Carlton hotel.

This segment deals with all the vital elements from the basics of preparing a good attention-getting cover letter and resume through how to handle the job interview. Despite covering often-familiar turf it is never condescending.

The useful techniques tips and strategies for success are described in easy to follow programs. As the author points out “People from poor countries around the world with no experience and basic English” are being hired for these positions daily. What employers want from them is simply a willingness to work hard and to be dedicated and loyal.

Obviously working on a cruise ship is not a 9-5 job that will see workers going home every night. Indeed applicants need to be prepared to be away from home for months at a time. However the rewards can be more than financial.

One useful appendix provides capsule job descriptions of 128 positions in the industry detailing their requirements and responsibilities as well as the average pay scale. It enables users of the book to match their skill sets with the requirements of the position before they apply.

Another appendix provides contact data and information on all the major cruise ship operators. Most importantly it identifies the individuals in charge of hiring at the cruise lines.

There is also a list of 73 concessionaires auxiliary employers who regularly hire personnel for the cruise ships.

The author is confident that if his strategies are followed completely and accurately it will result in cruise ship employment 14 days after sending in an application package. While there is no reason to doubt that it can and does happen such a generality precludes many other factors. Any book that guarantees any positive results within a specified time period be it weight loss or lottery winnings should always arouse healthy skepticism. However this goes against the underlying theme of this book — that once blessed with a positive mental attitude anything can happen.

Reviewed by Alan Abrams

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