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Calculating Soul Connections

A Deeper Understanding of Human Relationships

Don’t mention the word “chakra” in certain company. But if this lightning­rod term for the seven parts of the soul doesn’t make your skin crawl, then Calculating Soul Connections (Pine Winds Press, 978­0­93766­318­9) will likely impress you with its serious-­minded attempt to establish the science behind “the structure of the soul and the life force that connects one soul to another.”

Tom Blaschko begins by investigating the concepts of life force (how souls connect), life energy (the energy that powers the soul), and the type of information or messages passed between the chakras. All living things have life force, “you, me, angels, God, and anything else that is alive,” Blaschko writes, and “life force is useful (and probably required) for explaining the ‘strange’ stuff like knowing something is going to happen before it actually does.”

Next, Blaschko details the structure and duties of individual chakras, how the chakras relate within the soul as well as the outside world, and how individual chakras remember experiences. This is where readers will get a feel for his math and science background, as this section features numerous mathematical equations.

Parts three and four pinpoint the connection between individual souls, how and why those connections may vary, and, finally, the soul­body connection and details of the interaction between souls. Just how successful Blaschko is with theorems and explanations, is, of course, impossible to gauge—until words like soul and chakra expand the company they keep.

Reviewed by Matt Sutherland

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