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January 7, 2022

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published January 7, 2022. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in January 2022.

Book Review


by Aimee Jodoin

In the ambitious dystopian novel "Lifezones", three citizens on a desert planet seek freedom from oppression. P. B. Molinar’s science fiction novel "Lifezones" follows three separate missions to subvert a dystopian regime. The people... Read More

Book Review

Crazy Time

by John M. Murray

In the fantastical novel "Crazy Time", a woman who is suspended between life and death contemplates the nature of reality. A series of traumatic events leads a woman into a battle between good and evil in L. Andrew Cooper’s surreal... Read More

Book Review

Just Maria

by Ashley Holstrom

In Jay Hardwig’s sweet novel "Just Maria", a blind twelve-year-old girl wants to be known for what she does, not by the fact of her disability. Maria was born with tumors in her retinas; she’s never experienced sight. She has a cane... Read More

Book Review

Little Bear

by Danielle Ballantyne

Rooted in an Inuit folktale from Greenland, this picture book celebrates the reciprocal relationship between humans and nature. When a lonely old woman finds a bear cub freezing on the ice, she adopts him as her own. He grows up in the... Read More