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January 2013

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published January 2013.

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Book Review


by Karl Helicher

Stories of animal cruelty and electrical wizardry reveal the ruthlessness of history’s “great” men. Topsy, a popular, gentle, intelligent, and sadly abused elephant takes center ring for a small part of this engaging narrative... Read More

Book Review

Safe Word

by Jill Allen

Literary prose and in-depth character exploration elevate this S&M novel above others in the market. “You’re afraid but you also can’t wait—to be seen, to be touched, to be commanded, forced, used,” asserts Carrie, the... Read More

Book Review

Author YOU

by Barry Silverstein

Successful authors need a good business foundation, and Briles shows exactly how to build one. Judith Briles’ authoritative guide to business strategies for first-time and seasoned authors is a well-written, charmingly illustrated, and... Read More

Book Review

True Successor

by Wayne Cunningham

This fast-paced, tension-filled revisionist historical novel envisions an alternate Holy Roman Empire. Joseph H. Levie has rewritten the known aftermath of the downfall of Charlemagne’s Holy Roman Empire. In his thrilling debut novel... Read More

Book Review

True Nature

by Melissa Wuske

Cathartic, unpretentious memoir details the author’s journey through addiction and OCD with a tone of conflict and compassion. "True Nature", Justin Happy’s story of trauma and the road to healing, starts when the author begins... Read More

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