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December 2012

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published December 2012.

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Book Review

Blowing Bubbles

by Carolyn Bailey

In "Blowing Bubbles", Kathleen Cherry’s text and Jill Quinn Babcock’s illustrations combine to portray, honestly and accurately, the uncertainty a child feels when a family member becomes seriously ill. Josh’s thrill-seeking... Read More

Book Review

Entwined Mystery

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

In his second book of poetry, Louis Cecile intertwines four primary sets of poems that investigate sight—how humans see and are seen—as well as that which is impossible to see. Cecile approaches his topics—pornography, online... Read More

Book Review

Should Christians Prosper?

by Kristine Morris

James H. Hooks responds to the question “Should Christians Prosper?” with a resounding “Yes!” in this Bible-based study of the Christian path to financial prosperity. However, that “yes” comes with a caveat: to enjoy a... Read More

Book Review

The Expeditioners

A trio of talented orphan sibs follows a map created by their late father, a famous explorer, without knowing where it will lead. Witty references to the future appear in technology, fashion, and speech, and a plucky eleven-year-old girl... Read More

Book Review

But One Husband

by Tom Bevier

Sarah Ann Thirkell was born in 1837 in Yorkshire, England. She grew up in that damp and foggy place in a family near the bottom of the English class system; she came to yearn for a life free of subservience to the whims of the ruling... Read More

Book Review

And God Said, "Let's Babel"

by Mark McLaughlin

“No single culture has all the answers” when it comes to understanding God’s words. That is Philip McCarty’s bold thesis in And God Said “Lets Babel“: The Bible as Cross-Cultural Communication. Like a scholar of the... Read More

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