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December 2011

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published December 2011.

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Book Review

Death and Transfiguration

by Christopher Soden

Istvan Hornyak’s Death and Transfiguration: A Tragic Drama in Five Acts is an operatic, intriguing, somewhat misguided, and turgid retelling of the tale of Faust. According to legend, Dr. Henry Faust is a sagacious, peerless scholar... Read More

Book Review

A Secret Gay Passion

by Lynn Evarts

Julian Black’s debut, A Secret Gay Passion: A Short Gay Erotic Love Story, begins when Nicky is twenty and terrified of someone discovering the fact that he is gay. His family would not accept his sexual orientation, so he lives in... Read More

Book Review

Vermin from Space

by Joseph Thompson

In comedy parlance, a throwaway joke gets delivered in a casual, easy manner. Its power comes from the lack of emphasis placed on it. A throwaway works only when the comedian or writer refrains from showing any awareness that he’s even... Read More

Book Review


by Sheila M. Trask

Pain seems pretty straightforward in most situations: injure some part of the body and it will complain bothersomely until it has a chance to heal. But why does an ailing heart sometimes create shoulder pain? How do amputees experience... Read More

Book Review

Soljer Soljer

by Mark McLaughlin

Army life on the frontier, regardless of where that frontier is situated, is much the same today as it was for the legions of Rome or the regiments of the East India Company. It is uniformly dull and boring, enlivened slightly by... Read More

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