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October 2011

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published October 2011.

Book Review

Keisha's Coat

by Kristine Morris

Fun story and expressive illustrations are sure to attract attention of first- and second-graders. Fun-loving Keisha wants to be noticed, and she has found some unusual ways to get the attention she craves, especially at school.... Read More

Book Review

Life Passion

by Lisa Bower

Brimming with short essays and poems, "Life Passion" does not ask for perfection from the faithful. Redemption is everywhere, humans are human. This work encourages readers to give thanks for what they have and to embrace a life filled... Read More

Book Review

Chronicles of the Fallen

by Julie Harthill Clayton

In Chronicles of the Fallen: Rebellion, Aya Lancaster tells the story of an epic war between heaven and hell. She writes, “From another world to the depth of the abyss, it’s a race to survive.” A college student from Jakarta,... Read More

Book Review

No Time to Cry

by Cheryl Hibbard

In her memoir "No Time to Cry", Vera Leinvebers relates the harrowing tale of her childhood during World War II and its aftermath. Her tale is difficult and agonizingly sad, but beautifully told in prose that borders on the poetic.... Read More

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