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April 2011

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published April 2011.

Book Review

Sky and Earth, Cielo Y Tierra

by Kristine Morris

In this small collection of short, lyrical poems in free verse, written in both English and Spanish, Christina Watkins gently opens readers’ eyes to a world that glimmers with the radiance of spirit. Without ever using the words... Read More

Book Review

Drawn in Dust

by Margaret Cullison

Poets write about subjects that touch their hearts. The more universal this emotion, the wider the audience it inspires. Jane Mayes identifies poetry as the language of feelings in one of the concluding poems of her book, "Drawn in... Read More

Book Review

The Brotherhood in Islam

by Mark McLaughlin

“No one has any right to hate a Jew, Christian or Muslim just because of his/her religion,” lectures Ahmed Shendy Yousef in this collection of what are essentially Friday prayer sermons and short essays on Islam and how it relates to... Read More

Book Review

Not Quite a Judas

by Mark McLaughlin

The story of boys who become fast friends in peacetime only to find themselves adversaries once war breaks out is a tale that has been told many times, but rarely so believably and authentically as Philip Baker does in his World War II... Read More

Book Review

Who Me?

by Diane Taylor

Intended as an analysis of how scientific theories can enhance, rather than detract from, the lives of Christians, Who Me? Choosing Radiance, A Better Way of Being is instead a wildly confusing polemic that can only serve to bewilder... Read More

Book Review

Red Phoenix Legend

by DeAnn G. Rossetti

With Kung Fu and magic, a young Chinese man finds his destiny and saves China from an evil despot in this debut mythological fantasy book by Lambert Cheung. A group of warriors called the Endeavor of Light, who worship the deity known as... Read More

Book Review

Why Be Fundamental

by William Gee

Doctrinal positions advocated by various Christian churches are rarely discussed openly in society unless they are about abortion or homosexuality. In "Why Be Fundamental", Kevin Holland boldly delves beyond the culture war issues to... Read More

Book Review

Intrinsic to Universe

by Melissa Wuske

In "Intrinsic to Universe", Tan Kheng Yeang addresses what he perceives as humanity’s common frustration with the near futility of organized society. Yeang begins by asserting that current and past societies function outside the... Read More

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