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September 2010

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 2010.

Book Review

The Amazing Monarch

by Diane Gardner

Dozens of breathtaking photographs reveal a beauty long unseen, and one that few people see in person. For centuries their winter whereabouts remained an elusive mystery. Migrating monarch butterflies would hide away in some unknown... Read More

Book Review

A Radical Theory of Evolution

by Kristine Morris

Yuriy Alexandrovich Kalinnikov’s A Radical Theory of Evolution remained unpublished at the time of its writing, as did the larger work of which it was part (The Anatomy of Art, a Neurophysiological Basis of Created Stimulation, written... Read More

Book Review

A Passion for Prying

by Jill Allen

In Nancy Mangano’s debut novel, "A Passion for Prying", private investigator Natalie North is bored by the task of merely catching cheaters. The sexy Los Angeleno longs to solve more dastardly crimes. So when a murder happens nearby,... Read More

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