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August 2010

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published August 2010.

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Book Review

Currents Deep and Deadly

by Brandon M. Stickney

Darcy Farthing is a most unlikely detective. But as soon as this 40-year-old blond bombshell finds herself aboard the Sea Nymph cruise ship with Dr. Peter Johnson for a relaxing South American vacation, she is unwittingly swept up in a... Read More

Book Review

Game Day

by Penny Hastings

Many dream of becoming professional athletes, but only a few make it to the pros. Yet, athletes aren’t the only ones with a passion for the game. Jobs like sports reporter, race car mechanic, sports referee, groundskeeper, trainer,... Read More

Book Review

What My Father Gave Me

by Penny Hastings

The relationship between fathers and daughters is deeply personal, often complicated, and lasts a lifetime within a daughter’s heart. What My Father Gave Me: Daughters Speak is written by seven female writers who are also daughters.... Read More

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