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September 2007

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 2007.

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Book Review

Iraq Decoded

“War should be the politics of last resort. And when we go to war we should have a purpose that our people understand and support.” —Colin Powell From August 2 1990 to February 28 1991 the United States was involved with a United... Read More

Book Review

A Phoenix Rising

“I learned about inequalities in the eyes of others. Just like oppression it is about ignorance. It is about insecurity selfishness and control. Mostly it is about fear of the unknown.” This quote articulates the type of treatment... Read More

Book Review

Aranzi Machine Gun Volume 3

Aranzi Machine Gun is an awesome series filled with random stories of dolls gone wild. Kawaii or Japanese Cute, the stuffed animal look, will be familiar to most, although this series is the author’s first English translation. Beware... Read More

Book Review


Sports Perspectives:Bill Mercer began broadcasting in 1949, just after graduating from the University of Colorado; but his love of sports began on the playground in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Too short and skinny to try out for the team in... Read More

Book Review

The Farther Shore

The End of History: Author Matthew Eck’s debut novel, "The Farther Shore" (Milkweed, 192 pages, hardcover, $22.00, 978-1-57131-057-6) opens on a rooftop in blacked-out Somalia with a squad of 10th Mountain Division soldiers operating... Read More

Book Review

Little Rock on Trial

Supreme Court Schooling: The Little Rock, Arkansas, school desegregation crisis pitted nine African-American youths against Orval Faubus, the stubborn and deceitful Arkansas governor, and the thousands of white Little Rock citizens whose... Read More

Book Review

The Moon and the Night Sweeper

Calming a child’s fears before sleep can sometimes be a difficult task; reading the right book beforehand could be the solution. Kemble’s rhyming, rhythmic picture book will take children on a safe and calming adventure before they... Read More

Book Review

For Now

In this follow-up novel to Losing Forever, Jes Miner-Cooper’s life is full of excitement, growth, and love even as she struggles to deal with the death of her little sister Alberta, her mother’s new marriage to Cal, and her... Read More

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