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January 2007

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published January 2007.

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by Catherine Thureson

Set amidst the political unrest that colors so much of Argentina’s history, "Renaldo" is the epic tale of the De Seta family. Renaldo De Seta is the younger of two sons in this powerful and wealthy family. When Renaldo is seven, his... Read More

Book Review

How to Activate Your Brain

“After decades of intensive research into one of the greatest mysteries on earth—the human brain—there is absolutely no doubt that the brain has an extraordinary ability to restore its own functions.” That the brain can be... Read More

Book Review

Alls Well at Wellwithoute

…would he do whatever he could — even at the sacrifice of his own happiness? The lot of the English nobility isn’t what it used to be, we learn from this highly comedic first novel. As the House of Lords is reduced in size,... Read More

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Perhaps it’s because their names seem similar but Claudia Acte the fetching character at the core of Dolores A. McCabe’s "Axios" recalls Cleopatra the ancient world’s preeminent vamp. Nero’s onetime mistress may be a mere... Read More

Book Review

Profiles in Courage

I know people. And I know every human being has something—some imperfection, deviant behavior, bigotry or sin—that they don’t want exposed. These twenty-eight short stories are faux biographies and autobiographies of fictional... Read More

Book Review

The Dark Side of the Moon

Some people / Eventually may be appraised / By the value of the garbage / They collected on the way. These poems and short-short prose pieces represent conversations with God, atoms, souls and grand existential issues. Subjects stressed... Read More

Book Review

Cherish Our Children

The balance of responsive caring and reasonable demands is essential for children’s good mental health. Split the difference between the arch-authoritarian of The Great Santini and the hands-off permissiveness of Courtney Love. In the... Read More

Book Review

The Lushan Addiction

‘…does the pill make anyone sick? Are there any adverse side effects?’ ‘Don’t know. Workers happy’ the man smiled. ‘That good side effect no?’ "The Lushan Addiction" is a briskly-paced thriller focused on the... Read More

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