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September 2006

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 2006.

Book Review

M.A.D. Again

by Margaret Fedder

Donovan skillfully depicts Poe-esque imagery through eerie poetry. Poet Michael A. Donovan offers striking images and an interesting perspective on the trials of life in his collection "M.A.D. Again". With an eclectic referential... Read More

Book Review

Knock and I Will Dine with You

by Diane Taylor

"Knock and I Will Dine with You" is long on religious fervor and short on literary merit. No doubt Clara E. Garcia means well when she states that, “the words just come, as if it’s not even me saying it but that some force of good is... Read More

Book Review

Rainy Faces

We’ve got three murders and a freaky woman motorcycle club that’s gone haywire. No I’d say that’s not an accident. In "Rainy Faces" the perfect long-distance biker caravan features individuals who sacrifice for the good of the... Read More

Book Review

The River Flows

Like all literature "The River Flows" must be filtered by the life experience beliefs and spiritual maturity each reader brings to it. For the book’s intended audience (open-minded American Christians or those willing to let God change... Read More

Book Review

Family of God

The Trinity—the idea that God somehow is triune while at the same time being one—remains one of the most perplexing doctrines of Christianity. Numerous theologians have spent their lives lost in the labyrinthine intricacies of the... Read More

Book Review

Wandering Hearts

Beautiful auburn-haired nineteen-year-old Raine Foster lives in the leaky ruin of her family horse farm with her demented grandmother. While that’s disheartening enough the local aristocratic is hot to saddle her up and use her as a... Read More

Book Review

Forever Sentimental

This “voyage through the many facets of love and human relationships” is one of a series of poetry and advice books by the author Kenyatta. A military veteran the author began his career writing poems for fellow troops to send to... Read More

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