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November 2005

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published November 2005.

Book Review

Red Skies at Night

Meet Irving J. Schaffer “a nice Jewish boy” from Amsterdam New York. Schaffer a technical sergeant in the United States Army Air Force flew 65 combat missions during World War II both as a radio operator and photographer. He recounts... Read More

Book Review

Miriam's Journey

by Carla L. Verderame

This young adult title is an engaging story about Miriam Bloom and her family, who set out from their difficult life in czarist Russia to travel across the ocean to America to join their father. Samuel Bloom has already made his way to... Read More

Book Review

The Pesky Bird

by Elizabeth Breau

The abundance of mulberries, those delicious purple fruits with which too many American children are unfamiliar, sets this Armenian folktale in a charming peasant world of hard work and its rewards. While waiting for her father to earn... Read More

Book Review

Thomas Jefferson's America

by Pam Kingsbury

History buffs would be hard pressed to find a more complicated personality than Thomas Jefferson’s. Although he was a lifelong believer that “slavery destroys morals,” his family kept slaves, and he did not make arrangements to... Read More

Book Review

Reagan's Victory

by Karl Helicher

Presidential Procession: The anecdotal journalistic accounts of presidential elections written by the late Theodore White, and Jack Germond, and Jules Witcover belong to an outmoded genre of political reporting. Their lengthy, personal... Read More

Book Review

The Destruction of Young Lawyers

by Alan J. Couture

Lawyers are a profoundly miserable lot. They are overworked, depressed, and unfulfilled, and most say that, in retrospect, they wish they had chosen another profession. The downward spiral begins in law school, where the “Socratic... Read More

Book Review

Together Forever

“There is no way around the simple fact that before a new soul can emerge the old soul first has to go through a few nasty little birth pangs,” says the author. He’s talking about forming gay marriages that work. He means that to... Read More

Book Review

Bless This Child

by Karen McCarthy

This little book, as lovely and precious as a violet picked by a young child’s entranced fingers, features nearly 200 selections of prose pieces, poems, blessings, and readings gathered to welcome and honor children. The editor, a... Read More

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