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September 2004

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 2004.

Book Review

The Looking Heart

…so God please use me to try to take a stand against the atrocities of the soul *—*from “My Daddy’s Records” The Looking Heart: Poetic Expressions From Within, a convergence of spirit and emotion, is an ambitious effort of one... Read More

Book Review


Snorting Speed: Ferruccio Lamborghini owned several Ferraris, but he thought they were too noisy and the cabins lacked quality. So he phoned fellow Italian industrialist Enzo Ferrari for a meeting to discuss these flaws, but felt snubbed... Read More

Book Review

Taken Hostage

by Karl Helicher

The 1970s was not really the era of happy disco dancers portrayed in the media. It was a decade in which people were buffeted by unprecedented gasoline and energy shortages, a “stagflated” economy of high prices, and lost jobs. None... Read More

Book Review

Show; Don't Tell

by Kaavonia Hinton

There is no better time to learn the power of the written word than during childhood. Encouraging children to tap into their imaginations and express themselves via writing can lead them to discover their inner thoughts and feelings. But... Read More

Book Review

Maps of the Imagination

by Carol Haggas

Theres an elegant simplicity in the authors idea of “map as metaphor for writing,” one that belies the extensive arguments Turchi mounts in its defense. Bolstering his case by quoting authors as dissimilar as Hemingway and Wolfe,... Read More

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