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March 2003

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published March 2003.

Book Review

Clear the Path

by Kristine Morris

Clear the Path: A Simple Approach to Eliminating Emotional Issues, by Leticia “Lee” Verdin, presents what the author declares to be a rapid and effective method of eliminating the barriers to achieving one’s goals. These barriers... Read More

Book Review

Practicing the Art of Now

by Pam Kingsbury

Based on and excerpted from the author’s previous work, The Power of Now, this CD set, read by the author, offers distinctive, simple exercises for discovering “grace, ease, and lightness.” At the beginning of each chapter, a... Read More

Book Review

The Invisible Seam

by Kate Husband

Children can be inordinately cruel to one another, in all cultures around the world. In this book, a young Japanese girl named Michi must leave her aunt, her only known relative, to work with a seamstress, Mistress Shinyo. Michi soon... Read More

Book Review


by Karl Helicher

In 1963, President Kennedy reflected that Alabama Governor George Wallace and the Ku Klux Klan aided the civil rights movement. The Klan’s brutality led to federal laws that aimed to protect all citizens from bombings, beatings, and... Read More

Book Review

Full Steam Ahead!

by Cindy Kryszak

The transformational power of a compelling vision in one’s life or business is compared in this book to the impact of the steam engine on modern industrialization. Like the first steam locomotives or steamships, “full steam ahead”... Read More

Book Review


“Because she was as white-skinned as the moon and he was something akin to the color of red clay,” Martha Clarke plays a role as archetypal as Medea, or Ophelia. Her obsession with Reuben Sweetbitter, a half-Choctaw drifter, is met... Read More

Book Review

Where Stuff Comes From

by Rob Mitchell

Computer keyboards could be different, as could the conventional Western toilet. The author wants to know how and why these objects and others came to be the way they are. For Molotch, holder of a joint appointment as professor of... Read More

Book Review

Such Sweet Thunder

by Erik Bledsoe

Every few months, it seems, a publisher announces the rediscovery of a “lost masterpiece.” While Herbert Lottman, a correspondent for Publisher’s Weekly and a friend and longtime champion of the author, never uses that term in his... Read More

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