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January 2002

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published January 2002.

Book Review

Across the Line / Al Otro Lado

by Sandy McKinney

“The Line” is the border between California and Baja (or “Lower”) California. Editor Polkinhorn’s prefatory remarks illuminate the perils and marvels of this frontier, the literary and political significance of which is only... Read More

Book Review

Justice Betrayed

Television reporter Cassie O’Conner is described as “Mashed between truth and justice.” Since the pretrial hearing for Richard Welch, the Low Country Killer, she has been seeking the truth. A recent transplant to South Carolina,... Read More

Book Review

Conscious Business

by Pam Kingsbury

Embarrassed by his naivete and lack of awareness, the author has found a way to teach consciousness as a “basic human or life skill” in the business world. Opting to teach “product thinking as process thinking” (what cynics might... Read More

Book Review

Lovers' Legends

by Elizabeth Millard

After a smattering of mythology in childhood, usually introduced through Disney vehicles like Hercules, some formal study of the ancient tales is undertaken in high school. Students reluctantly throw Edith Hamilton’s Mythology into... Read More

Book Review

The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide

by E. James Lieberman

Sometimes a serious disorder can make a person feel better than normal. Those with mania (or its lesser form, hypomania) often don’t want to come down from their high. The author, a psychologist and professor at University of Colorado,... Read More

Book Review

Women's Liberation, Jesus Style

by Paula Scardamalia

This book is a collection of eight sermons written and preached by eight different African-American ministers, who refer to Biblical stories where women play a central role, like the stories of Ruth and Naomi, and the scene with Jesus’... Read More

Book Review

The Zoo

“Clustered on the bay, fifty pelicans / rise, fly circles, dive-each angular / as origami, newspaper-colored-/ and demonstrate the lazy elegance / of predation.“ This combination of metaphysical thought and exacting images, with its... Read More

Book Review

The Rose in the Wheel

by Mark Terry

It is London, England in 1811. Society is enormously class-conscious: the roles of men, women, and various class strata are clearly delineated. Society is so strictly layered that some people-women especially-can be punished or... Read More

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