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October 2001

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published October 2001.

Book Review

Travelers' Tales of Old Cuba

by Holly Wren Spaulding

“Poverty stands fully revealed, naked, a striking, repulsive sight to a stranger until all feeling of condemnation melts into an all-absorbing compassion,“ wrote Ana’s Nin while visiting Cuba in 1922. Deeply attuned to many of the... Read More

Book Review

Shakers of St. Vincent

by Lisa Archibald

Shakers mourn. The pointer covers mourners’ heads with white bands and whispers passwords in their ears. With crosses and candles in hand, mourners prepare for ecstatic spiritual journeys. The pointer repeats the password to them so... Read More

Book Review

Goddess Rising

In the new literary genre of New Age or Spiritual Fiction, anything can happen. In this story, the world of today has ended. One of the main characters is “the Goddess [who] was at once all Love and all Truth.” Hearing Her guidance... Read More

Book Review


“Bear with me for singing their song / They are not here to sing / They did not want to sing.” So begins the effort—of speaking in different voices, of traversing landscapes and generations, of trying to give words to what others... Read More

Book Review


“I don’t feel like a dragon at all,” says Ignis. This young dragon is the fastest runner and highest flier in Dragonland, but he can’t breathe fire. While his peers light the stars in the night sky and play games like Fling a... Read More

Book Review

Reading Southern History

“The South is a special place. Even now, after the turn of a new century and the dawn of a new millennium, the South is ever present in matters of American politics, American culture, and American life,” writes the editor in his... Read More

Book Review

Dead Ball

In the all—American sport of baseball, a “dead ball” is a ball that is out of play; while the ball is dead, no runners can advance, no player may be put out, and no runs may score. In this novel, past racism and murder threaten to... Read More

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