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September 2000

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 2000.

Book Review

The Substance of Fire

by Vyvyan Lynn

“You are able to be the fairest man I know occasionally,” Martin Geldhart tells his father during a meeting at the family publishing business. In King Lear fashion the three Geldhart children, all stockholders, gather to discuss the... Read More

Book Review

Paris for Families

by Megan Kopp

Save those pennies and hike a few stairs, take the metro instead of a taxi, and live like a local in an apartment instead of a three-star hotel. That’s the advice Lain, author of London for Families and London for Lovers dishes up in... Read More

Book Review

Too Dead to Swing

by Vyvyan Lynn

This audio book embarks with an uptempo Swing number that jitterbugs right into the silky clear voice of the murder mystery’s heroine, Katy Green. “In May of 1940 I was looking for work in Los Angeles. I’d ridden the noisy red... Read More

Book Review

The Aloha Shirt

by Alex Moore

Palm trees stand among tropical grass shacks. Pineapples, sugarcane, and a lone star fish are patterned next to an outrigger canoe and a warrior. Bungalows and huts are bordered by groves of palm trees. Coconut buttons clasp the Hawaiian... Read More

Book Review

The Genius of Leonardo

by Linda Salisbury

“1490. Giacomo has come to live with me. He is ten years old. He is a liar, a thief, and a greedy brute.” So wrote one of the most inventive and accomplished men in history-Leonardo da Vinci. Who better than to tell about the great... Read More

Book Review

My Queer Life

by Paul J. Willis

Ford is making a name for himself as the leading gay male humorist. His humor column, “My Queer Life,” is published in many gay/lesbian newspapers across the country. His first two collections of the column, Alec Baldwin Doesn’t... Read More

Book Review

Story Time for Little Porcupine

by Judi Oswald

It’s time for bed, but first-a story! Little Porcupine requests a story about the Big Porcupine in the Sky. “Well, grab your toes, ’cause here goes!” says Papa. Although Big Porcupine was the King of the Daytime Sky, he had no... Read More

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