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August 2000

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published August 2000.

Book Review

Well-Being for Women

by Mary Spiro

Many resources exist that address women’s health issues or medical concerns. Few go beyond mere technical explanations to explore women’s health from a whole-istic point of view by delving into mental and spiritual wellness. The... Read More

Book Review

Seafood Grilling

by Sally Ketchum

Thirty years ago Hansen grilled wild king salmon for 500 guests who attended her wedding, and she has studied, cooked, and promoted seafood ever since. In this, her sixth seafood cookbook, she shares her knowledge, recipes, and methods... Read More

Book Review

Cajun Night After Christmans

by Judi Oswald

Twas the night after Christmas an’ poor ole Boudreau, His wife she dun spent mor’ money den he know. Boudreau couldn’t take it anymore. His children were loudly playing with their Christmas toys, his head was hurting, and he wanted... Read More

Book Review

Wow! I'm Reading!

by Tracy Fitzwater

Young children can’t wait to learn to read and write. The literacy activities in Hauser’s book will “make reading happen,” through a variety of activities. Written with kid appeal, the activities and games are presented by... Read More

Book Review

Desert Song

by Tracy Fitzwater

Experience the desert at night. “Day is done. Twilight comes. The sun goes down and streaks the clouds with flame.“ As the heat of the day fades and the sky darkens, the reader meets the inhabitants of the nighttime desert-the bats,... Read More

Book Review

Once Upon a Farm

by Diane Conners

Author and illustrator Artley provides a look back at agricultural life in the early-twentieth century by recalling life on the Iowa farm where he grew up. Without any preaching or over-romanticizing, his book also is a reminder of what... Read More

Book Review


by Sharon Flesher

Any child who has ever picked up a fascination with dinosaurs probably has dreamed of finding one still living in secret somewhere. The fantasy becomes flesh, bones, and very sharp teeth for the six friends who stumble through a... Read More

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