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October 1999

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published October 1999.

Book Review

My Nature Journal

by Norvilla Bennett

When bats “listen” for their high pitched squeaks returning to them it is referred to as echolocation. Bats need this to locate the insects they eat. They also prefer to pollinate large, white, musty smelling flowers. Olmstead has... Read More

Book Review

The Dumbbell Nebula

Kowit’s poems are exuberant and relentless, like the three friends (“rapturous, maniacal-high-stepping thru a blizzard of exquisite light”) who populate the poem that gives this volume its title. The world we see in The Dumbbell... Read More

Book Review

Automatic Y'all

by Erik Bledsoe

In 1993, when R.E.M. named their new album Automatic for the People after the slogan of one of the band’s favorite eateries, they catapulted its proprietor to international fame. Weaver D, as he is commonly called, was already well... Read More

Book Review

The Challenge of Jesus

by Linda Wilson

Was Jesus God? Was Jesus the promised, long-awaited Messiah? How did he view “the Kingdom of God?” Does the resurrection matter, and if it does, what did it mean to the people of Jesus’ time? How did Jesus view himself?... Read More

Book Review

More Charlotte Mason Education

by Sharon Flesher

The growth in popularity of home schooling in recent decades has produced an explosion in the quantity and variety of curriculum options available to home educators, leaving many parents to wonder if the hardest decision is not whether... Read More

Book Review

At Journey's End

by Karen Wyckoff

Often with disquieting ease, the cessation of life lifts the tapestry of years — threaded in hues of toil and triumph — which blankets the living in the intricacies of their own mortality. For those who suffer the passing of a loved... Read More

Book Review

Marguerite Makes a Book

When Margurite’s beloved Papa Jacques, “the oldest and most famous book painter in all of Paris,” is having difficulty completing an illuminated manuscript for his patron, the Lady Isabelle, Marguerite offers to help. Her father... Read More

Book Review

The Emperor's Egg

by Leigh Forrest

Can you imagine spending two winter months outside in Antarctica without anything to eat? That’s exactly what the male Emperor Penguin does, keeping the egg warm and protected while the mother is off swimming and feeding in the ocean.... Read More

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