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October 1999

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published October 1999.

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Book Review

Galileo's Daughter

by Jill Blue Lin

Galileo Galilei had three children with Marina Gamba, his mistress of twelve years. Because he never married Marina, his children were illegitimate. Galileo’s son Vincenzo was eventually legitimized by the Grand Duke Cosimo II; but his... Read More

Book Review

I Love Lucy

by Marjory Raymer

“Lucy has been part of all our lives,” Watson writes in the introduction to this snapshot of the good ol’ days when baby boomers were young and so was television. Now readers can experience it all over again. “The Classic... Read More

Book Review

The Quiltmaker's Gift

by Leigh Forrest

In the mountains, an ancient woman creates beautiful quilts incorporating all the colors of nature. Though many wish to purchase these works of art, she refuses, and will only donate her quilts to those who are poor or homeless. In the... Read More

Book Review

A Time Remembered

by Karl Helicher

“It may not have been a popular war and the outcome may have been disastrous, but I’m proud to have been an American soldier serving my country,” says Linda S. Earle, a member of the Woman’s Army Corps during Vietnam, and one of... Read More

Book Review

Wings of Destiny

“… there is no past, no future—only the present… the now … all living things are connected. All in one.” The latest offering by author Lanigan connects the lives of six generations to weave a tale of epic proportions. Wings... Read More

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