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September 1999

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 1999.

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Book Review

Friends & Family

by Laurene Sorensen

Several notable works of late-millennium journalism profile ordinary people. Studs Terkel’s Working, a series of interviews with members of the American workforce, is a good example of this. More recently, Alan Wolfe, in One Nation,... Read More

Book Review


by Alan J. Couture

Worst kind of mess in the Navy. Like a cancer. Catch one and he implicates ten others. Chase them down. Investigate. Discharge them and hope to hell you get them all or it will only start over again—at least that’s what they said in... Read More

Book Review

Cookies for Christmas

by Sally Ketchum

If there were ever a time when people need shortcuts, the holidays are the time. So a cookie cookbook that has a substantial chapter on Sugarplum Shortcuts is a welcome time-saver. Consider baking three different cookies from one dough... Read More

Book Review

The 27th Kingdom

From very early on, the novel’s main characters note Valentine’s “difference.” Omniscient, kind and startlingly beautiful, she possesses unusual sensibilities. Her migration to England from the Caribbean to become a nun is... Read More

Book Review

A Hundred White Daffodils

by Holly Wren Spaulding

“A single green sprouting thing would restore me …”, writes Kenyon in winter, asserting that her life owes much to a rootedness in, and appreciation of, the natural world. A Hundred White Daffodils, edited by her husband, Donald... Read More

Book Review

Loon Lake Fishing Derby

by Julie Santilli

The feel of a small vacation village or quiet hideaway is what Loon Lake seems to be. This story talks of life, in what has been referred to, as a simpler time, with nothing to worry about but the weather forecast and the temperature of... Read More

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