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August 1999

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published August 1999.

Book Review

Head Above Water

by Linda Salisbury

Skye Johnson and her brother, Sunny, are teenage characters that deserve more than one book. She’s sixteen and a half, a good student and swimmer trying to make the state championships. She has confidential girlfriends, a healthy, but... Read More

Book Review

Soldier in Paradise

by John Flesher

Directionless, somewhat cynical young man experiences the horrors of Vietnam. Survives, but is wounded in body and spirit. Comes home more cynical. Struggles to make sense of what happened and rebuild his life. Not exactly an original... Read More

Book Review

Falling In Love

Pinning down love’s light wings and examining what makes them soar is what psychologist Pines does in her tenth book. Concentrating only on romantic love—“the hunting grounds of Eros”—and using results of both empirical and... Read More

Book Review

Ship Shapely

by Rich Wertz

Before Les Quincy disappeared, he was a professional flagpole painter and a sexually profligate sailboat captain. The suspects in his disappearance, all shapely young women, served as his crew and took turns sharing his bed. If this... Read More

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