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June 1999

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published June 1999.

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Book Review

The New Prince

by John Arens

Arthur M. Schlesinger taught past presidents an important lesson: If you want escapees from your administration to write glowing memoirs or how-to books for aspiring politicians about you, make sure to get assassinated. If you live to... Read More

Book Review

A Man of Distinction among Them

by Harry Willems

The University Press syndrome of “publish or perish” quite frequently dooms author/professors to an early grave, or should. Nelson deserves to write another day. Dr. Nelson is an assistant professor of History at Firelands College... Read More

Book Review

The Field Guide to Vintage Farm Tractors

by David Reid

Years ago children drove red and green toy tractors through sand, dirt and mud. When older some of them drove them on the farm. Today many of them look upon vintage farm tractors with nostagia like antique car and train enthusists look... Read More

Book Review

Stonewall Jackson

by Robin Farrell Edmunds

How does someone attain the status of hero? Kostyal, an editor with National Geographic Traveler, examines the life of General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson to determine what traits led him to become a legend during his two-year tenure... Read More

Book Review

Making Paths & Walkways

by Mary Beth Zeleznik

All walking is discovery. On foot we take time to see things whole… This epigraph from one of the chapters illustrates one of the many reasons for the allure of walkways. Blomgren, an author of books and articles on animals and plant... Read More

Book Review

Chasing the Heretics

by Peter Skinner

The heretics in question are the Cathars, a self-contained, anti-clerical sect made up of Believers and Perfecteds. The author is a lapsed Catholic freelance writer deeply interested in them. Believing in a world in which good and evil... Read More

Book Review

The Hollyhock Wall

by Janis Ansell

An old cooking pot, a few seeds, some dirt and an imaginative young girl combine in a picture book that mixes elements of reality and fantasy. When Mary, who lives with her mother on the upper floor of a tall house, expresses a desire... Read More

Book Review

Against the Tide

by David Speas

The degradation of North American sea beaches symbolizes the timeless struggle of civilization to tame wilderness, a struggle which, according to New York Times science editor Cornelia Dean, can be described as dubious at its best and... Read More

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