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June 1999

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published June 1999.

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Book Review

This is How We Flow

by Peter Terry

An often quoted and accepted belief in both musical and cultural studies is that African culture places a great importance upon rhythm. Unfortunately, all too often this descends into caricature, as once this belief is stated, it is then... Read More

Book Review

You Owe Me

by Cari Noga

There is much to be gained from this book, a guide to recognizing, addressing and growing from the problems inherent in any human relationship. Although jointly authored, Cohen writes in first person. A clinical psychologist in San... Read More

Book Review

The Case of the Missing Links

by John Flesher

Famed golf course architect Sheldon R Moore III is a boss from hell, and a pretty lousy husband for that matter. That he would end up dead, bashed in the brain with a sand wedge seconds after committing his vilest act of all, is perhaps... Read More

Book Review

The Wilderness Notebook

by David Speas

The Wilderness Notebook is Sierra Club outing leader Gordon’s distillation of outdoor wisdom accrued through his fifty years of hiking, paddling, biking and camping his way across North America. Unlike many “how-to” outdoor books,... Read More

Book Review

Green Psychology

by Sophia Tarila

Who speaks on behalf of the earth? Who tells of the degradation, the pollution, the exploitation of her? Who calls for change? Since the sixties, a number of cultural movements upholding an ecological world view and advocating a... Read More

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