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July 1998

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published July 1998.

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Book Review

Black Sheep

by John Arens

In a historical context, society and its collective memory consumes wars by the mouthful, in big gulps, and tends to remember them by their cumulative titles: The Franco-Prussian War or World War II. We are, at times, unable to recall... Read More

Book Review

Unlimited Embrace

by Dottie Webb

This volume of essays constitutes a formidable, eloquent and contentious new work of gay literary criticism. Woodhouse is not afraid to stir up conflict as he nominates—or rejects—texts for the gay canon, then guides his reader... Read More

Book Review

Medieval Flowers

by H. Shaw Cauchy

If the leaves be put beneath your pillow, you will be well protected from troublesome dreams and all mental anxiety. So begins the section on “Rosemary,” but the advice fares well for the whole, pretty volume. This book is written in... Read More

Book Review

Gold & Spices

by Jennifer Morin

Beginning in the late fourth century, Gold & Spices gradually takes the reader into the 15th century. The reader is given an excellent glimpse of the lives of peasants, merchants and noblemen alike. All classes of people faced... Read More

Book Review

Turn of the Century

by Leigh Forrest

What would it have been like to be a child in the year 1000? As the new millennium looms on our horizon, Ellen Jackson takes us back in time to look at the old one in this unusual and informative picture book. Each double-page spread... Read More

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