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July 1998

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published July 1998.

Book Review

MusicHound Jazz

by Peter Terry

If you have ever tried to figure out which of the 65 recordings of your favorite jazz artist to purchase you need this book. At 1,500 pages it is not a short read, but the wealth of information here is truly amazing. There are pioneers,... Read More

Book Review

A Gram of Mars

by Kathi Houston

In her debut collection of short stories, Hagenston places poignant reminders of the basic and elemental bond among women of all ages. A Gram of Mars contains eight short stories that introduce characters who carry the anxiety and desire... Read More

Book Review

Adventure Guide to Northern California

by Nancy Tamburello

At first, Adventure Guide to Northern California seems like just another travel guide in the median cost range of other travel guides to the same local areas of Northern California, with the same key points featured. But on second,... Read More

Book Review


by Emmy Lou Belcher

The idea of describing life as a journey has spawned a multitude of books in the spiritual enlightenment genre. Life: A User’s Manual is a refreshing offering with its unique premise. Rather than presenting itself as a guide to a... Read More

Book Review

End Legalized Bribery

by John Wark

In End Legalized Bribery, Cecil Heftel, a five-term U.S. congressman from Hawaii who left office in 1986, attacks not what is illegal, but what is legal in campaign financing. He charges that the whole system promotes begging, bribery... Read More

Book Review

Science Under Siege

by David Speas

In a perfect world, government scientists would be charged with providing unbiased, accurate ecological information that would automatically be factored into natural resource management policies. In the real world, however, such... Read More

Book Review

No Mountain Too High

by Kyle Norris

No Mountain Too High chronicles the story of Expedition Inspiration, a team of 17 breast cancer survivors who climb Argentina’s Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere. Their goal: to raise public awareness about... Read More

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