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May 1998

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published May 1998.

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Conversations During Sleep

"Conversations During Sleep" is Michele Wolf’s debut book, but it has none of the raw feel of a typical first book. Wolf has clearly waited a long time for this book; substantial as it is, it might almost be taken for a “new and... Read More

Book Review


The cover art of "Rootbound"—a shadow-picture of flowers and leaves—fits the domestic, carefully crafted quality of Jeanne Emmon’s first book of poems. This is meant descriptively, not dismissively. These are moving, exacting poems... Read More

Book Review

Blue Paradise

by Nick Bozanic

Central character Nick Gallagher is an aspiring boxer who tends bar at the Blue Paradise, located in the unfashionable district of Manhattan known as Hell’s Kitchen. Author Matt Bloom, a former boxer and bartender himself, not... Read More

Book Review

The Interactive Music Handbook

by Peter Terry

This book goes a long way in demystifying the topic of multimedia with an emphasis on music and the music industry. The book opens with an exceptionally good overview of the different CD standards, including audio, enhanced audio and... Read More

Book Review

The Ark of the Marindor

by Ray Nargis

In this cinematically potent novel, we meet protagonist, Katherine Dennison, who suffers from a series of acute personality foibles due to the death of her son and subsequent divorce from her husband. She has spent the last three years... Read More

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