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The Interactive Music Handbook

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This book goes a long way in demystifying the topic of multimedia with an emphasis on music and the music industry. The book opens with an exceptionally good overview of the different CD standards, including audio, enhanced audio and various types of CD-ROM. The author emphasizes the practicalities of dealing with each type in a project.

After this introduction, the book takes a detailed look at the development of a multimedia CD, specifically the enhanced CD that adds video and images to a commercial audio CD. This is an excellent tour of the practical design considerations and pitfalls encountered when working in this idiom. The final third of the book covers multimedia and the World Wide Web. An excellent overview of limitations and marketing strategies is provided. Of particular interest will be the standard contracts provided in chapter 10.

This is an excellent book, definitely required reading for anyone who is interested in multimedia or the music industry. The highlight of the book is the numerous interviews with various industry professionals who candidly reveal the realities of working in the field. While most highly valuable for the intelligent novice, it offers enough how-to and how-not-to to stimulate even the jaded professional who is jumping into the interactive stream for the first time.

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