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Book Review

The Bad Sixties

by Kristine Morris

Kristen Hoerl’s "The Bad Sixties" examines Hollywood’s take on 1960s America. It reveals that the entertainment industry, which could have been a potent force for progress, dropped the ball by avoiding serious engagement with the... Read More

Book Review

Embracing an Icon

by Matt Sutherland

Bernard Villemot, the last great commercial/poster artist, lived in Paris his entire life (no surprise), drew inspiration from Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, Raoul Dufy, and other fine artists of his time (early-mid twentieth century), and... Read More

Book Review

Lijiang Stories

by Karunesh Tuli

Years after the death of Chairman Mao Tse-tung, taxi drivers in China began displaying laminated pictures of the Great Helmsman in their vehicles. Believing that his image possessed magical powers that otherwise belonged to local... Read More

Book Review

Earth Works

by Teresa Scollon

“The greatest theme in American literature,” writes Scott Russell Sanders, “is the search for right relations between humankind and nature, between civilization and wildness.” It is a theme central to Sanders’s own... Read More

Book Review

The Orientalists

“Orientalism,” the brilliantly colorful art of the 1800s that captured the exotic Orient in striking and fascinating detail, “is ripe for redefinition,” states the author, adding that the initiative requires “a delirious... Read More

Book Review

Before Motown

by Ronald D. Lankford, Jr.

Although New York, Chicago, and New Orleans have long been recognized as hotbeds of jazz development, other cities have made important contributions. Before Motown concentrates on Detroit, a city with a heritage rich in culture and... Read More

Book Review

A New History of Jazz

“Of all the musical forms to emerge during the twentieth century,” writes the author, “jazz was by far the most significant.” The author lends support to this statement by writing extensively and intelligently about jazz from its... Read More

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