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Book Review

Painting Central Park

by Matt Sutherland

No doubt, the question has been nagging at you for years: What is the finest work of art ever created in the United States? In 1862, Harper’s Monthly decided it was the 843 acres of Manhattan’s Central Park—using words like... Read More

Book Review

Wicked Takes the Stand

by Beth VanHouten

In her strong book about a real-life courtroom tragedy, true-crime author Mardi Link interprets legal jargon for a wide audience and makes the story fascinating. True crime and courtroom drama meet in Wicked Takes the Stand: A Tale of... Read More

Book Review

Rolling Stones Gear

by Matt Sutherland

Angie, if you can’t get no satisfaction with the current crop of Stones books, here’s your emotional rescue. Yes, it’s only rock and roll, but if you know some Puerto Rican girls that are just dying for a 672-page book that... Read More

Book Review

The Shape of Green

by James Krause

In its treatment of the aesthetics of ecological design, Lance Hosey’s latest book, "The Shape of Green", approaches sustainability as a comprehensive ideal that manifests in the way humans set out to make and use everyday things. The... Read More

Book Review

Dark Beauty

by Joseph Thompson

Santa Fe artists are fond of pointing out that the sky in New Mexico is the landscape. Whether a startling blue backdrop against the brown and pink shades of stucco facades or a swirling rage of storm clouds cleaved by blinding bolts of... Read More

Book Review

Celebrating the American Spirit

by Julie Eakin

Those who cling to the romantic notion that art is unsullied by commerce could stand another hard look at Warhol’s soup cans. The pop master would likely have appreciated this rare new endeavor, in which romance and commerce abound... Read More

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