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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that are available for $60.00.

Book Review

Beauty and the Beast

by Kristine Morris

"Beauty and the Beast" is the story of an imperiled glory. Part of an inspiring documentary art project created by conservation photographers Rob Badger and Nita Winter, it highlights California’s famed wildflower “superblooms”... Read More

Book Review

Painting Central Park

by Matt Sutherland

No doubt, the question has been nagging at you for years: What is the finest work of art ever created in the United States? In 1862, Harper’s Monthly decided it was the 843 acres of Manhattan’s Central Park—using words like... Read More

Book Review

Wicked Takes the Stand

by Beth VanHouten

In her strong book about a real-life courtroom tragedy, true-crime author Mardi Link interprets legal jargon for a wide audience and makes the story fascinating. True crime and courtroom drama meet in Wicked Takes the Stand: A Tale of... Read More

Book Review

Rolling Stones Gear

by Matt Sutherland

Angie, if you can’t get no satisfaction with the current crop of Stones books, here’s your emotional rescue. Yes, it’s only rock and roll, but if you know some Puerto Rican girls that are just dying for a 672-page book that... Read More

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