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Book Review

Polar Tales

by Rachel Jagareski

Fredrik Granath and Melissa Schäfer spend months each year documenting wildlife in Norway’s Svalbard region, a “ground zero of global warming” Arctic environment that they characterize as the “roughest and toughest,” but also... Read More

Book Review

The Jewish Bible

by Michelle Anne Schingler

"The Jewish Bible" is a fascinating look at a work whose materiality is shown to be inseparable from its meaning. David Stern’s The Jewish Bible: A Material History is a carefully plotted, awe-awakening journey through the evolution... Read More

Book Review

Rousseau and Dignity

by Jeff Fleischer

Theoretical discourse meets real life accounts of dignity in context—a juxtaposition the philosopher would have approved of. Rousseau and Dignity: Art Serving Humanity commemorates the 2012 University of Notre Dame lecture series... Read More

Book Review

Beguiled By The Wild

by Matt Sutherland

This genre-defying spectacle of color, form, and humor looks like an art book but acts the part of a playful, kid-friendly graphic novel masquerading as a field guide to animals. A conservationist and maestro of modernism and... Read More

Book Review

The Haight

by Maria Siano

This collection of photographs depicts the reality of the Haight in the late 1960s, beyond the mystique and the myth. The Haight: Love, Rock, and Revolution, written by Joel Selvin, showcases the vivid photography of Jim Marshall, who... Read More

Book Review

Ever Yours

by Matt Sutherland

Sickly, chronically depressed, boorishly disagreeable, often out of his mind, Vincent van Gogh was also revolutionary with a paint brush and could write one hell of a letter. This collection of 265 letters (820 are known to exist) shows... Read More

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