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Book Review


by Nancy K. Allen

After a particularly nasty tumble, a business card she’d been saving with the name and phone number of a nun who taught Russian Orthodox religious icon-writing fell from the author’s pocket. Neville decided to call. “I started to... Read More

Book Review

From Blackjacks to Briefcases

“Any company that gets a union deserves it, and you deserve the one you get.” That statement, made by labor expert Charles Hughes in 1977, typified the anti-union sentiment that has prevailed in America since the mid 1800s. The... Read More

Book Review

South of Tradition

by Erik Bledsoe

For too long, the canon of Southern literary studies was almost exclusively white, while scholars examining the African American literary tradition virtually ignored the importance of regional geography. In her previous work,... Read More

Book Review

H. L. Mencken on American Literature

Reading H. L. Mencken’s book reviews feels like a secret indulgence. One relishes in Mencken’s frequent barbs at the famous and would-be famous (and is thankful that Mencken never reviewed one’s own work). Mencken once called Edith... Read More

Book Review

A Chorus for Peace

by Pam Kingsbury

Peace is one of humanity’s highest and most elusive goals. Several years ago, the United Nations proclaimed 2001-2010 the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World. In their introduction... Read More

Book Review

Exploding Chippewas

by Gabrielle Shaw

Inhabiting the strange new country of the literary Indian, the poet speaks true without being melodramatic; his poems are pointed without being maudlin. These are important poems, biting and frank. They display one of the deepest and... Read More

Book Review

American Diaspora

by Duncan Sprattmoran

America has become home to many of the world’s peoples, scattered by war, famine, and economic hardship, drawn here by the desire to live the American dream. According to editors Suarez and Van Cleave, however, recent arrivals as well... Read More

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