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Book Review

The Yellow Shoe Poets

Who doesn’t love an attic overflowing with objects old and new, illuminated by a bare light bulb or shaft of sun slipped in from the world outside? An anthology encompassing thirty-five years of university press publishing and over... Read More

Book Review

Homosexual Rites of Passage

by Paul J. Willis

In the vein of the “Chicken Soup” series, Mohler has put together a book that examines the gay soul in the context of positive homosexual identity formation. The author was motivated to write the book because of a lack of knowledge... Read More

Book Review

Boomer Girls

by Aimé Merizon

The question sent out by the editors in the submission call: “Where were you between Betty Crocker and Gloria Steinem?” defines the generational poems collected here. Boomer Girls is broken into five sections ranging from birth... Read More

Book Review

Virginia Woolf

by Leeta Taylor

The renaissance of Virginia Woolf still blooms. Successively reborn into our polemical age of interdisciplinary feminist studies, her witty and passionate rebellion against Victorian/Edwardian cultural, literary and sexual patriarchy has... Read More