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Book Review

The Defender of the Faith

by Susan Waggoner

"The Defender of the Faith" is a compelling historical novel whose characters are caught in the tidal sweep of modernizing India. In Prakash Lothe’s historical novel "The Defender of the Faith", the social and political upheavals of... Read More

Book Review

Animals as Food

by Barry Silverstein

An informed perspective and an objective voice contribute authority to this critique of animal farming and consumption. In identifying the primary reasons why she wrote "Animals as Food", Amy Fitzgerald points out several factors that... Read More

Book Review

From the Wood-Fired Oven

by Elizabeth Millard

Passionate thoughts combine with a spectacular range of ideas for using wood-fired ovens to make this guide a must-have for anyone curious about this well-loved cooking method. Although wood-fired ovens are best known for crispy pizza... Read More

Book Review

Recollections of the War With Mexico

"Recollections of the War With Mexico" is a unique and intriguing slice of history. Written by Brevet Major John Henshaw (1815—1877) in the mid 1800s, it has been meticulously pieced together from original documents, diary entries,... Read More

Book Review

Mississippi Women

by Amy Joyner

Significant contributions to history and society aren’t always made by the well known. That point is made immensely clear in this new book from the Mississippi Women’s History Project. The collection, penned by historians, activists,... Read More

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