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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 94 pages.

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Book Review

House Music

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

Images of the mother and common settings are turned dreamlike in this calming poetry collection. This collection is quiet, attentive, and rhythmic. Ellen Kaufman’s poems look closely at the diurnal—laundry, vacation, gardens, a hair... Read More

Book Review

Poems in the Key of Price

by Karen Rigby

Jarvis Price’s debut collection, "Poems in the Key of Price", focuses on a man in search of consolation and reconciliation. A poet of imploring messages whose subjects range from romantic and filial love to the endurance of Christian... Read More

Book Review

The Suicide Sonnets

by Lisa Bower

Eddie Morales’ poetry collection, "The Suicide Sonnets", is a meditation on what suicide really entails. Rather than deal with the aftermath of such a death, these poems crawl into the psyche of someone truly considering ending their... Read More

Book Review

How to Succeed in Divorcing

by Margaret Cullison

Couples usually marry with the intent of staying together for the rest of their lives, but sometimes that intention falters and divorce becomes preferable to continuing the marriage. Two people who once loved each must then let go of... Read More

Book Review

Alex and the Amazing Dr. Frankenslime

Dad’s the one who messed up in my family, but I’m the one who has to go see a therapist. On what planet does that make sense? In "Alex and the Amazing Dr. Frankenslime", a novel by Margot Desannoy for children ages nine to fourteen,... Read More

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