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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 82 pages.

Book Review

A Cat That Travels

by Carol Davala

"A Cat That Travels" is a fun, fact-filled family travel adventure for young readers. Jack McClellan’s lighthearted middle grade tale "A Cat That Travels" follows the adventures of an inquisitive kitten and her newly adoptive family... Read More

Book Review

A Fish Called Bad Eyes

by Carol Davala

"A Fish Called Bad Eyes" is an entertaining story for young readers that imparts important ocean knowledge. In Larry Golicz’s imaginative tale "A Fish Called Bad Eyes", a bespectacled fish reveals his curiosity and caution as he... Read More

Book Review

Stories of Yesteryear

by Robert Foreman

"Stories of Yesteryear" is an appealing collection of stories about small-town New England life. Harry H. Brown’s "Stories of Yesteryear" provides a textured narrative of Halifax, its residents, and its surroundings. Each story... Read More

Book Review

Good for All

by Jeremiah Rood

"Good for All" is Christian poetry that expands upon ideas and concepts frequently found in praise music. Kennedy Muitherero’s Good for All: Poetry of the Christian Faith offers poems that consider a wide range of Christian ideas.... Read More

Book Review

The Seekers

by Kelly Depin

A strong princess makes this story, already rife with environmental concerns, an appealing adventure for young audiences. The Seekers: The Secret of the Turtles is a magical adventure story set in the southern Caribbean islands of... Read More

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