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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 74 pages.

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Book Review

House of Harwood

by Joan E. Phelps

"House of Harwood" is an intriguing novella, especially for those who enjoy stories about family secrets, function, and dysfunction. In House of Harwood, a mystery novella by Olivia Batker Pritzker, the Harwood family’s Thanksgiving... Read More

Book Review


by Heidi Lovy

A Christian prayer of Thanksgiving is a pleasurable read-aloud story for young children and their parents. Every November, many families contemplate what they have to be thankful for. "Thanksgiving" provides food for thought in the form... Read More

Book Review

Officer Down

by Cheryl Hibbard

Inspired by the tragic events of 9/11 and the potential respiratory health issues faced by NYPD first responders, pulmonologist Francis V. Adams joined the NYC force as a police surgeon. After thirty years in private practice, with no... Read More

Book Review

Samuele Man With Many Names

In the early days of America young Father Samuele Mazzuchelli left his native Italy. He came to America to preach to teach and to build churches throughout the wilderness of the Northwest Territory for settlers and Native Americans... Read More

Book Review

Like Those Who Dream

by Teresa Scollon

In this, the fourth and final volume of Daviss Opening King David series, each poem responds to a phrase from the Psalms. The relationships between the poems and the epigraphs are glancing, tangential, but evocative. These poems, many of... Read More

Book Review

Light of Love, Forever

by Carolyn Bailey

The legendary Koropokkurs are a race of shy small and helpful people who appear repeatedly in Japanese folklore. Although the details of their disappearance differ from story to story most tales agree that they left our world after some... Read More

Book Review


by M. Wayne Cunningham

A touching tribute to his mother, Craig Gallagher’s slim volume, "Peaces" (a play upon “pieces”), contains a multiplicity of insightful epiphanies interlaced with refreshingly creative imagery. Anyone interested in spirituality,... Read More

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