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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 54 pages.

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Book Review

Beyond Imagination

by Catherine Thureson

Fairy stories can be fun for anyone who wants to believe in magic, and the potential for that excitement is present in "Beyond Imagination". "Beyond Imagination" is a simple story about five siblings who discover a fairy world in the... Read More

Book Review

Saint Francis of Assisi

by Lauren Kramer

Saint Francis of Assisi was a complex individual who faced many instances of adversity in his life in Italy. In this children’s book, illustrator Demi delivers a retelling of his story, from his birth in 1182 to his participation in... Read More

Book Review

Bud the Spud

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle would be proud! Young Bud, a couch potato if there ever was one, literally fulfills his destiny after eating binges in front of the tube and no exercise … and lives to regret it. A very macabre tale with three... Read More

Book Review

The Breathing Bridge

What happens to the air molecules we breathe in and out? Where were they last, and where are they headed? Helping children to understand how their bodies are connected to the earth and other living beings, this smartly conceived book... Read More

Book Review

The One Fifteen to Penn Station

by Peter Dabbene

The words “pretentious” and “poetry” are so often used in conjunction, they might be mistaken for a single compound word. So it’s a joy and a relief to discover Kevin Carey’s "The One Fifteen to Penn Station", a collection of... Read More

Book Review

Jamais Vu

by Patty Sutherland

“I am tired,” Susan Kay writes in an excerpt from her 2008 journal, “tired of my religion, of church, of all my personal and interpersonal dysfunctions. I want to have a wider swath of life…The stale odor of my confinement is... Read More

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