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If You Were Me And Lived in… Ancient Greece

An Introduction to Civilizations Throughout Time, Volume 1

2016 INDIES Finalist
Finalist, Juvenile Nonfiction (Children's)

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

This children’s book is an exciting and engaging means of learning about life in ancient Greece.

Introducing ancient civilizations to children is no small task, but the book If You Were Me and Lived in … Ancient Greece does so in a fun way that children will love. The color and tone of the illustrations set the mood for learning what it would be like to be in ancient Greece in this fun and informative book.

After introducing some basic information about ancient Greece, the story moves toward its premise, explaining how long ago a person living in ancient Greece would have been born, where they would have lived, what that life would be like, even what the government was like. A lot of information is given in this imaginative way, including information about work, clothing, and religion.

Most pages include a description of a Greek god that matches what is being discussed on that page: when home life is written about, Hestia, the goddess of the home, is included with a small spot illustration. Famous people, such as Alexander the Great and Plato, are also mentioned. A glossary rounds out the book, making this a wonderful way to educate students about this time period and area.

Pictures are painted with words that describe sounds, smells, and other sensory details, as when the text speaks of “traveling with heavy cheeses or squawking chickens.” Fun and interesting facts are included throughout the book, such as how bread was used instead of a napkin, and then the bread would be fed to the dog—something most any child would think was funny and a great idea to try.

Illustrator Mateya Arkova creates mood-setting digital illustrations for this ancient-time based book. Soft edges and sepia inspired color tones generate an old-time feel. Bright colors are very minimal, keeping the images smooth and dreamlike. Her spot illustrations of the gods are reminiscent of sepia pen and ink, giving just the right feel and attracting attention without pulling away from the main illustrations.

If You Were Me and Lived in … Ancient Greece is an entertaining way to educate and learn about the ancient Greek civilization, great for children in the second grade range, or any other history-loving child.

Reviewed by Beth VanHouten

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