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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 50 pages.

Book Review


by Peter Dabbene

Delivering an important moral along with a good dose of practical advice, "Polygonsters" is a nice addition to the Ponderville series. Cindy Helms returns to the fictional world of Ponderville in her charming children’s picture book... Read More

Book Review

Chicken Soup for Betty Boop

by Scott Neuffer

Clements is at his best when he begins to unravel the social and moral complexities of a bygone era. A certain cartoonish quality characterizes Tom Clements’s new collection of poems, Chicken Soup for Betty Boop: A Book of Funky Poems.... Read More

Book Review

Sighs from the Sea

by Eric Anderson

Introspective characters dealing with a series of storms create a sense of community in this intriguing novella. In "Sighs from the Sea", Elena G. Baht explores how tied we are to the world around us through the metaphor of a small... Read More

Book Review

The Wind in this City

by Maya Fleischmann

Enticing illustrations, evocative word choice, and an inquisitive teaching tool work together to build this lovely narrative about the beauty of wind. "The Wind in this City" brings the personalities of San Francisco’s wind to life... Read More

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